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A never ending journey of self-discovery

Collin’s struggle with ADHD has always been a crucial part of who he is. ADHD was almost a mystery to him, and he always felt out of place, wondering why he was “different” from his peers. It wasn’t until he began to research these feelings that he discovered that there were others who felt the same way. Collin then became obsessed with understanding ADHD. Throughout his research, Collin began to feel comforted knowing that there are resources that can truly help people struggling to understand themselves. During high school, Collin was introduced to a MLM company called Vemma which sparked Collin’s passion to become an Entrepreneur. He has since invested hours upon hours into personal development, communication, and leadership skills

This site will be a long-term work in progress. My goal is to simply provide you with the tools and entry point to begin your journey of self-discovery. My entry to all of these subjects was heavily defended by ad-hungry websites, apps, cross comparing to see if I was just insane or these words were actually real- a lot of filtering has been done. Which means, now I can pass forward the straight-to-the-point info I have found!

Find your light and shine bright so others may find their own as well

With Love,

Meet Collin

Lot of things have changed since this video, I was only at the beginning - Describes an empath supernova and then ripping out all the roots to discover the place(s) of pain.

I look back on this video now and smile - this process was the most healing experience I've ever felt



The journey through entrepreneurship

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Crusading the online world

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The unknown

Determined to rip lightning bolts from sky

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What is all this? Stars? Numbers? Wtf

Numerology For Beginners [Divided in Chapters]

  • The laws of the universe influence everything around us. Everything that was made is related to numbers. Numerology reveals the hidden meaning of numbers to us. Numerology is a metaphysical science, based on the relationships between numbers and related events. It was created more than a thousand years ago by famous philosophers.

    Numerology has always been treated with great respect. Every number has a specific nature that creates particular vibrations, which establish certain patterns in life. It is wrong to divide numbers into 'lucky' and 'unlucky' - they are just different. It is important for a person to look for personal numbers to increase happiness and overall satisfaction with life.

    Numerology will empower you with knowledge of the universe. Cultivating your strengths will improve your vitality, your quality of life, and your relationships. Although numerology isn't an exact science, it is an invaluable tool that helps reveal your talents and hidden potential. When we are aware of our abilities and use all available resources to our benefit, we can achieve more in life. Numerology also helps us make the right decisions. Our strengths make us powerful when we consciously use them and adapt them to our habits

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Mapping Reality

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Understanding the stars

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Level up your business

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Graphic Design

Video Editing + More

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Start making money

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Connecting the dots

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my driving force

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Discover yourself

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A Greater Foundation

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